Retractable Banners & Digital Displays
Point of Sale Signage

Banners and displays are an excellent way to visually represent your organization at an open house or trade show event. Using the same colours, images, and logos as your existing promotional materials we can create a banner to help consistently brand your booth, making sure the display comes together like parts of the same puzzle.

We can repurpose existing design files for banner signs, which can reduce costs and gives greater consistency in branding.


How to set up a retractable banner

Vertical Banners

Colour banners with stands are a practical way to catch the attention of those who pass your booth. Our most popular vertical banner stand is 30" wide x 80" tall and has a retractable housing that keeps the banner protected when not being displayed. We prefer to use a scrim vinyl with a finish that is receptive to the colour image. This stand is intended for repeated use and can often last for years of service.

  • Choose your size
  • Different quality stand options
  • Easy to assemble and take down
  • When not on display can be made compact and small for storage and transportation

Our Retractable Banners are Great for:

  • Trade show displays
  • Conventions
  • Open houses
  • Pop up shops


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